Our Toys

Wooden Puppet Тheater

– with open wings: 89 cm
– with folded wings: 53 cm
Depth: 38 cm
Height: 40 cm

This is a miniature of a real theater: a mechanism opens and closes the curtains, the stage rotates and the front and upper lighting can be adjusted. There are two movable wings, screens for the hands of the “actors”, and a hurdy-gurdy. Pick your stage set and let the show begin!


Length: 10.3 cm
Width: 5.7 cm
Height: 4 cm

The new development of the engineers at Klimbo Eco Toys provoked the curiosity of the specialists as well as that of the general public.

With the finely made cylinder, piston, slider crank mechanism and the “magic” spark, this engine is absolutely quiet, revealing “that thing” hidden under the hood.


Length: 12.8 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 5.8 cm

The truck is the first of the Klimbo models – with two axles and wooden interior. Its trailer has room for everything – from tiny treats to tons of love.


Length: 11.2 cm
Width: 5.2 cm
Height: 5.2 cm

The SUV proved its qualities, covering thousands of kilometers through the tough terrains of carpets, sofas and desks. Its optimal drive-ability to everyone’s hearts proved to be extraordinary.


Length: 14.2 cm
Width: 6.7 cm
Height: 7 cm

The main job of a forklift is to tackle the toughest material handling applications. Its carrying capacity is 1 to 5 candies, which it can lift up to 5 cm.


Length: 10.2 cm
Width: 4 cm
Height: 6 cm

It is not the fastest car, nor can it get to the mountain top.
But it can love you.
And you can be together!