About Us

I am Ivo Stamenov and people often ask me when I will grow up.

I have worked in radio and theater for years; I have organized various events and now the time has come to make the dream of almost every boy come true – to play all day.

This wouldn’t have happened without my daughter’s help.

In the beginning, I was making different wooden toys just for her. My friends started asking me to make the same toys for their kids and their friends’ kids. Soon after, the idea to focus solely on toy-making matured. I wanted my toys to be not only for children, but also for parents, who refuse to become serious adults and who love handmade, unique creations. Parents who are constantly engaged in games with their children.

Each of our toys brings the thrill of inventing, the challenge and satisfaction of completing a new prototype.

Our greatest pride is our theater: a portable wooden miniature of a real theater, with a rotating stage, figures, curtains, mechanics and lighting, which started a new life after I met Pancho!

pancho_2I am Pancho Panev and I am a grown up kid.

For many years I was working in the corporate world, managing companies that own ports, ships and trains. My feet are firmly planted on the ground but I haven’t stopped dreaming.

I love the magic theater brings!

On Christmas day of 2013 I saw a TV show featuring Ivo and his idea of a portable theater for children and was very impressed. Even the prototype of the small wooden theater charmed me and I wanted to see it even more gracious.  It had to be a miniature copy that has all the features of a real theater. I wanted to disassemble it and take it around the world.

Our small team put heart and soul into further developing and improving the theater. To the existing curtains, sets, stage rigs and lighting we added a rotating stage and a hurdy-gurdy, and the theater turned up spectacular.

In today’s highly technological world our wooden theater lights up with a different, warmer light. And we want to show this light the children around the world!